Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Polo Field Answers Questions On What's Next - Good News & Bad

Well, for starters, Polo Field was answering questions on Twitter for nearly half and hour today, and, we got some interesting info on what is to come this year and also what is happening in this upcoming party. Take a look.

I can't wait until these new rooms come. I think they come in CPNEXT.

It would be pretty cool if we could have a Frozen takeover, but, isn't it a little too late for that?

Sounds like a very interesting Sneak Peek! Can't really tell much of it though.

I wonder why they won't be waddling around. Very strange. They have not been online for.... Years!

Maybe the PB will log in by then....

That makes sense.....

Awesome! Can' wait to see what new puffles they are going to release.

Well, that is all the questions Polo answered today! Make sure to leave a thought or comment below.

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