Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Before Waddles4g1

So here it is: We have reached the end of the book. Club Penguin is closing 2 hours after March 29th. We are all celebrating 11 years of the game as we speak, and I always had the thought this game was going to last longer. I was wrong. And I said to myself that I would tell everyone my backstory, before I named myself Waddles4g1. Almost everyone wondered how was it possible for me to be playing since 2007, if Waddles4g1 was created a little more than 6 years ago? Am I speaking the truth? Yes I am, and, as it turns out, it is hard for me to tell everyone this, as I really been keeping this to myself since the beginning of Waddles4g1. So here we go.

2007: "The adventure"
We go back to the year 2007, around the month of September. I was just beginning a new school year at age 9, and I was having things readjusted in real life. My family and I moved to a different state, and I began a new grade in a new school. Things did not go so well for me. Let's just say I felt more comfortable in my hometown. I began making new friends, and I started learning about their interests. One day, after recess, a classmate asked me: "Do you know how to become a ninja?". I jokingly answered "yes", and he asked me "How do you become a ninja?". I said "I will show you." The next couple of days he again asked the same question: "How do you become a ninja?", "How do you become a ninja?". The answer to his question was sort of revealed, when I needed to take extra classes so I can continue being in 4th grade. It was called "the lab" and there we received special training. Afterwards, we could do whatever we wanted to. SO, since my classmate there with me, I saw him log into the computer. I asked him: "What are you doing?". He said "You are going to show me how to become a ninja." I saw him enter the words "clubpenguin" onto the Google page. It was from there that I learned about the winter wonderland. He logged into his penguin, and let me play it. I nervously took the mouse, then said: "I have never played this game". He said it was ok, and we decided that I could play for a while. I enjoyed it a lot. I remember the first room that I waddled in was the Snow Forts. This was before the Fall Fair party, so nothing was there yet. Once it was time to log off, I heavily sighed, sad that I only got to play for 15 minutes. I was hooked to the game. Each time we had to go to the lab, we quickly finished our work so we could play. The game brought me excitement like no other game before.

2008: Cjb12
By the end of the school year, I asked my classmate, is there a way I could log in to one of your penguins? I only knew later on that it was against the rules, and the reason I asked was because I tried creating an account myself on my dad's email, but later realized that when I tried tried activating, it never worked. So he was nice enough to lend me one of his accounts, "Cjb12". Each time my family and I went to the library, I began discovering the island of Club Penguin with this penguin. The cool Music Jam party, Save The Migrator, and the Medieval Party became my instant favorites. Even though I could not spend as much time as I could, I still enjoyed it so much!

2009: My new friend
This is where the fun actually began. 2009 was a year to remember my great moments with a friend I thought would never get to know if it wasn't for Club Penguin. One day, a family that my Dad knew invited us for dinner to their house. I was a little quiet, and didn't want to anyone at all. Until my soon to be best friend invited me upstairs to his computer room. He said, "want to play a game?". I immediately responed saying: "Yes!". He was looking on Google what game to play. When were on Miniclip, he pointed to the Club Penguin's banner and said: "I have always wanted to play that game, but I do not know how." I said "I know!". We logged in on Cjb12, and it honestly took us a couple of attempts to remember the password. When we got in to a server, I let him have some fun. I could tell from that day on, I made a new best friend, one who has been by my side to this day. Weeks later, he said he just created a penguin, named Boswer108 (meant to be Bowser) and at that time, my dad just purchased a brand new Windows 7 laptop. From there, each Wednesday, I would call him and ask his parents if he could play. We would be playing and talking on the phone for hours! We played with much more anticipation when a new party was on!

2010: "The birth of Waddles4g1 When the Cave Expedition began, me and Boswer108 went beserk. WE participated as much as we could mining all the way to the underwater cave. Those were one of the best moments. But I would love to talk about that year more some other time though. What really made this year special was that on December 17, 2010, I created my first official penguin. No, it wasn't Waddles4g1. This penguin was named Evo4g, after the new phone that HTC released that same year. I wanted him to be a "secret agent" seeing things without drawing attention. But in reality, Waddles4g1 became my official penguin because when I created Evo4g, a day later, I noticed Club Penguin had not accepted the name yet. So I thought it would just stick to P???? forever. But why did I add 4g1 to Waddles? Because I have had a very good interest in cars. My Dad worked for a car dealership in which they released a super fast racecar engine, that started with the letters 4g.

2011: Goodbye CJ, hello fun
 I did not know that later on, Cjb12 was going to be gone....for good. It became known when my friend Boswer notified me that Cjb12 was no longer able to be logged in, that someone has changed the password. So I looked, and he was right, somone did change the password, only knowing 2 years later that it wasn't the classmate who changed it. So, that was the end of that. I didn't feel so sad because I finally had an account of my own. By the end of this year, my friend decided to create another penguin too. His name became known as Waddles4g2. That is right, he is not my backup penguin, but my friend Boswer108's penguin. We had so many fun adventures during the year 2011; We had so much time on our hands before we reached High School. Glad I could make the best of it.

2012: Community
During the year of 2012, I became even more aware of communities due to the mascot tracking I loved to do. Ever since me and Waddles4g2 found Gary coincidetally, I thought it would be good to track Mascots with other players. I ended up finding Monchocho's blog, and from there, I noticed that he had  Twitter account, and since the summer of 2012, many of you in the Twitter family have known me since. It has been a great 5 years since I have joined, and everyone has made me enjoy the game even more, all the way to its last day: March 29th, 2017. Let it be known, that I nor my penguin pals, will ever forget this great game. Reminding each other of the great legacies to tell our children for years to come.

It would be great for you to tell your part of your story. Make sure to leave a comment below, and Waddle On penguins!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Notable Players: Trainman1405

For this next edition of Notable Players, I have chosen Trainman1405. I have known him for quite some time, probably because of how much he attended Graser8's parties. But ever since I joined Twitter, I had the chance of knowing him more. Everyone has. And you can agree he has the best sense of humor by far. Especially when it comes to the game we have loved. 

I had a small interview with him a while back that I wanted to share with  you all.

1. Can you remember the first time you met a mascot?

"It would've been when Rockhopper first visited Club Penguin in late 2006. October I think? Can't say I really remember anything about the meetup in particular, though."

2. What made you play the game again and again?

"The updates and of course the community. I've always enjoyed logging in every week to see what new content Club Penguin has pushed out. As for the community, it's fun to hang out and interact with others who play the game."

3. Thoughts about Club Penguin's closure?

"It's saddening but not very unexpected. I just wish they would keep the original Club Penguin open for the time being and not closing it right as Club Penguin Island globally launches."

I really need to thank Train for giving me time to interview him. He really made a big impact to the community.

Devin, if you are reading this, it is too late to log in to CP. (lol jk).

But seriously, you are a great person. I always looked up to you as the older penguin. Club Penguin was never be the same without you. Your robot skills were impressive, as well as your passion for the game. You helped other players get through tough times with hilarious memes. We can't thank you enough for what you have done. We will certainly miss those fun times on the island. Waddle on, my friend.

Feel free to comment below if you have any words to say to Train.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tech70's Staff Igloos Tour

A couple of weeks ago, Tech70 uploaded an awesome video to his YouTube channel, called "Staff Igloos". It includes some of the igloos that belong to employees who were/are working for Club Penguin. I gladly took part in the video, so a huge shoutout goes to Tech! It is so cool to see players collaborating on videos an projects to show appreciation for the game that is coming to an end. Here is the video:

I wanted to mention about a not so well known former employee who I met years ago. His penguin name was Ricerocket14, and he was not the easiest to find. The real reason he had added me was because I found him in a nearly empty server, and began talking about the game.

Ricerocket14's igloo

So much content in this game brought so many possibilities. I wanted to ask you readers: Have you enjoyed interacting with employees? How did it go? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Notable Players: Gpumpkin

I wanted to start adding a new topic to the site, called Notable Players. Now that Club Penguin is coming down to it's last 30 days of its life, I wouldn't be so bad to remember the players that once played the game.

One penguin I would like to add is Gpumpkin. He is one of the very first penguins who I met when joining the community on Twitter. He gave me a very warm welcome, in a time when there were so many players tweeting day and night. His site,, was very well known and unique. He worked very diligently on his party walkthroughs and gave the very best info on the newest pins and coin codes. He always found a way to bring penguins together, despite all of the drama that came up in the community. His funny humor and amazing graphics is what made other players know him well.

Many in the community might not know him today, as he retired about 2 years ago. He still made an impact on the game, as the rest of the many players that have been a great addition to the community. Did you get to know Gpumpkin? What do you remember the most about him? Feel free to leave a comment below!