Thursday, December 27, 2012

Club Penguin Times Issue #375

A new Club Penguin Times Issue is now out, and is the last one of the year 2012. Can you believe it? Heres the main topic in this weeks issue.

Its pretty cool! But...... Can you see something on the top just right above the White Puffle? (Click on image to enlarge) Could it be Herbert trying to comeup with some evil scheme? Hmmmm...... Anyways, heres the second topic.

It says that Rockhopper wants to make every year the best than the lats one! I guess thats a pirates life huh? Finnaly the third topic, which is the upcoming events is shown.

I wonder what Gary has to say in January. What about you? Also, it says to to check back on the 4th of January to check out the new Penguin Style Catalog. (Check back here first) So what do you think about this weeks issue? Leave a comment below!

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