Monday, March 27, 2017

Notable Players: Trainman1405

For this next edition of Notable Players, I have chosen Trainman1405. I have known him for quite some time, probably because of how much he attended Graser8's parties. But ever since I joined Twitter, I had the chance of knowing him more. Everyone has. And you can agree he has the best sense of humor by far. Especially when it comes to the game we have loved. 

I had a small interview with him a while back that I wanted to share with  you all.

1. Can you remember the first time you met a mascot?

"It would've been when Rockhopper first visited Club Penguin in late 2006. October I think? Can't say I really remember anything about the meetup in particular, though."

2. What made you play the game again and again?

"The updates and of course the community. I've always enjoyed logging in every week to see what new content Club Penguin has pushed out. As for the community, it's fun to hang out and interact with others who play the game."

3. Thoughts about Club Penguin's closure?

"It's saddening but not very unexpected. I just wish they would keep the original Club Penguin open for the time being and not closing it right as Club Penguin Island globally launches."

I really need to thank Train for giving me time to interview him. He really made a big impact to the community.

Devin, if you are reading this, it is too late to log in to CP. (lol jk).

But seriously, you are a great person. I always looked up to you as the older penguin. Club Penguin was never be the same without you. Your robot skills were impressive, as well as your passion for the game. You helped other players get through tough times with hilarious memes. We can't thank you enough for what you have done. We will certainly miss those fun times on the island. Waddle on, my friend.

Feel free to comment below if you have any words to say to Train.

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