Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tech70's Staff Igloos Tour

A couple of weeks ago, Tech70 uploaded an awesome video to his YouTube channel, called "Staff Igloos". It includes some of the igloos that belong to employees who were/are working for Club Penguin. I gladly took part in the video, so a huge shoutout goes to Tech! It is so cool to see players collaborating on videos an projects to show appreciation for the game that is coming to an end. Here is the video:

I wanted to mention about a not so well known former employee who I met years ago. His penguin name was Ricerocket14, and he was not the easiest to find. The real reason he had added me was because I found him in a nearly empty server, and began talking about the game.

Ricerocket14's igloo

So much content in this game brought so many possibilities. I wanted to ask you readers: Have you enjoyed interacting with employees? How did it go? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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