Sunday, March 5, 2017

Notable Players: Gpumpkin

I wanted to start adding a new topic to the site, called Notable Players. Now that Club Penguin is coming down to it's last 30 days of its life, I wouldn't be so bad to remember the players that once played the game.

One penguin I would like to add is Gpumpkin. He is one of the very first penguins who I met when joining the community on Twitter. He gave me a very warm welcome, in a time when there were so many players tweeting day and night. His site,, was very well known and unique. He worked very diligently on his party walkthroughs and gave the very best info on the newest pins and coin codes. He always found a way to bring penguins together, despite all of the drama that came up in the community. His funny humor and amazing graphics is what made other players know him well.

Many in the community might not know him today, as he retired about 2 years ago. He still made an impact on the game, as the rest of the many players that have been a great addition to the community. Did you get to know Gpumpkin? What do you remember the most about him? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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