Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Best Articles Of The Club Penguin Times Issue #467

This week's articles give awesome results!The School And Skate party was very cool, it actually did not make it look like the real school actually is. Here are the reports from the party.

And, there is a second article about the past Halloween parties, starting with the year of 2011. Now, I remember that ever since 2007, the year I started, they were incredible. The reason was, is because of the originality they had. if they keep up their creativity in this party, it will be marked as one of the best.

And, here are the weekly update announcements. As many of you know, we are so excited for out 9th Anniversary Party is coming real soon, and to be honest, it is the best party of the year. We will be counting down the days on our official Twitter account. 

So what did you think about this week's newspaper? Leave a comment below, we enjoy reading and responding to your questions and comments.

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