Friday, September 12, 2014

We Are Back For........ More News!

So sorry for the close down! Things just got complicated as I started to get busy with preparing for school, and dealing with the fact that I only have a couple of years until I finish High School. I hope you keep visiting the site, as I, (Waddles4g1), Waddles4g2, and hopefully Nightwing569 will get back on track to regularly post the latest news in our awesome island. 

Very unexpected changes we have seen coming to Cub Penguin, as the team at HQ decide to change the ways the parties were, since many fellow penguins started moaning about how lame the parties were. 

But, just a reminder to you all. If you want them to make better parties, you have to put your part in the community. TRY to brainstorm on what kind of parties they haven't put yet,something unique, way out of the ordinary. I'm sure many of you can do it. Well, with that said, we will do our part too, in bringing interesting facts and news, and also trying to make our game a better game. See you soon!

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