Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New December 2012 Winter Party Cheats!

The party is officially here, and, to be honest, its one of the best ones yet!

We begin with the free items. When you log on, it will show you all the gifts you get.

                                             For the 20th you get: A Teddy Bear! (Hand Item)

The 21st: Hot Chocolate Cup ( Hand Item)

The 22nd you get: Remote Control Car (Hand Item)

On the 23rd you get: A Frostbite Background

The 24th you get: A Green Light Bulb and a Make and Bake Kitchen!

And FINALLY on the 25th you get: Artic White and a Frost Bite Palace!

Also, theres some new catalogs around the island.

We start on the catalog for nonmembers that is located at the Cookie Shop and the Ski Lodge.

Then theres another catalog for Members, which is located at the Dock and the Gift Shop.

Unfortunately, there are no hidden items for any of these catalogs shown above.

And before i forget, i will show you what free item there is at Rockhoppers Rare Items Catalog

Its so Epic! Also, when you head over the to the Ski Lodge collect your free background on the green couch on the left and go collect free head lightbulbs in the lodge attic!

 Sorry i took too long, i thought Volk34 would do these cheats, but it seems its better enjoying his time with his family right now! Anyways, i like all the free items! Dont forget to check our Rockhoper Tracker below! Its very Accurate! What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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