Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Waddles4g1"s Weekly Post Review

I know it has been pretty busy in the past week about showing the new sneaks peeks Polo Field, Spike Hike, and Businesmoose have sent us. I would wait till the party arrives without seeing any spoilers, but i guess the team wants to tease us. Its also really cool how Polo Field has sent Ducky908 and Perapin get special exclusives to just for them to show on their blogs, which is really cool. maybe, someday, Polo Field could *cough* give me *cough* an exclusive *cough* sneak peek! Who knows?

 Now, what i want to talk about today is, all the things we get to do in this party. The Team has really outdone themselves of donating coins for Coins for Change in a completely different way. Being Race Car Drivers, Jack Frosts, and Reindeer Puffles are really cool! But, could we experience some problems during this month's event? For example, the Jack Frost feature,  once you buy that, you only get to use that for 10 minutes. (This is my thought) but, it could have a glitch where you get to use it for less than its supposed to be, or have it permamently. These glitches could be caused by some bugs that the Club Penguin Team has not been fixing to make our playtime more better. This is something that could help a TON of penguins paky happily. Even i experience this horrible bugs from time to time. I nknow the team is busy with other really cool events, but to make these parties more enjoyable is, putting a stop to these bugs. So what do you think? Leave a comment below to share what you think about these pesky bugs.

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