Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Furniture Igloo Catalog June 2013

The new igloo catalog has arrived, and just in time for the Monsters University Takeover Party, which is starting in 15 days from today. And, like the Penguin Style Catalog, there are no hidden items in the catalog. Is it going to be like this permanently?

There are 7 pages in the new catalog this month. What I like about this month's is that they have brought back both new and old items. All of these pages are in order, so you can see them more easily.

The Monster Buffet item will definitely bring an appetite if you use this for a restaurant. The Monster Archway also looks very interesting.

I really like the new Monster Door Station, it really brings back memories from the first movie " Monsters Inc." I could really use a scoreboard for games I play with friends.

These pennants will definitely bring your igloo cool style. Only if you include the Monster Boombox though.

I just adore the flamingo and the lounge chair, perfect for any comfy and cozy igloo you would like to have!

So what do you think of these igloo items? Would you like to add anything new or old to this? Did this guide help you? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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