Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August Party Announcement: Summer Party!

As we are getting close to August, Polo Field has typed p a little sneak peek for us, and everybody is wondering what kind of party this is. Many seem like they are not satisfied by the looks of it in the video, but I guess we have to wait and see. Here is the full post.

Hello Penguins!
Many of you have asked what party is coming to Club Penguin in August. We’ve also seen lots of suggestions...
“Make a Summer Party!”
“Bring back the Water Party!”
“Why not Music Jam?”
So we thought, why not make a party with ALL of those great ingredients? A classic Club Penguin party with surfing, swimming, beaches, and of course... Music! Here’s a taste of what we’ve been working on:

Stay tuned! We’ll be posting a special video announcement about the party next week on the blog.
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

Well, there you have it, and in this video, it shows the picture of where the beach is, and I have a feeling that they are thinking of putting a Teen Beach Movie Party. NOBODY will be satisfied with this party, by the looks on the comments. To tell you the truth Polo Field, it feels like you are not listening to us right now. I am not sure this is as you show a "Classic Summer Party". What do you think? Make sure to leave a thought below.

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