Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Club Penguin Encouraging Us To Be Safe

In this past week, there has been recent events that some employees have been announcing that they have been having safety meetings where they are starting to get more players to be more safe and to follow the rules. Like, for example, if you have seen the newest Spoiler Alert, the next update is that they are going to put a new stand where you can learn more about safety by taking a quiz at the Ski Hill.

In the UK, they have taken the Online Safety very seriously, making sure every player knows what they rules are. Here is a picture of the meeting they just had a couple of days ago. They posted it on Twitter using the hashtag #ISWY. I think that room looks really cool.

It is very benificial for them to take part in this. Honestly, there are a lot of new players coming in to the game, and they should make sure they follow the rules. You can find the official rules in the Club Penguin Guide Books, or Club Penguin's website. Remember to stay safe! Leave a comment below.

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