Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Epic Fair Guide of 2014

Greetings! And Welcome to the biggest fair in Cub Penguin History! Get ready to collect prizes, and stuff popcorn into your beaks, because it will be the best party you will ever enjoy! When you first land on the island, you will recieve a message from Rookie!

UPDATED: As of 2/26
And if you click on the Golden Ticket on the right hand corner of the screen, it will show you the prizes and give you tickets if you choose to spin.

And this is the main room where all the games from previous fairs are. There is also a cool new Wagon Wheel ride. 

Here is where you spin. Its still a little glitchy, because they just updated, but they will fix it overnight.

The Dock is where the main entrance to the fair is. It looks similar to the Wilderness Expedition of 2011 entrance.

Here is the main room for Galaxy Park! Take a look at all the games and rides!

I really like the Space Squid ride! It is one of the best rides they have made, honestly.

 And this game room, is similar to the sketch book room in the april fool's party. But, this one, looks even cooler!

At Bucaneer Park, we can see that Puffle Paddle, and other new rides are here!

If you go to the left, you will go into a place where there is a ship torn in pieces. Looks scary, huh?

And inside, you will find all the coolest and thrilling rides, and, right in the middle, is where the Penguin Band will play. Don't foget to get their background. So what do you think about the party? Make sure to comment below!

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