Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Best Articles Of Club Penguin Times Issue #447

Once again this week, I have found the top 3 articles that have been posted for this week's newspaper. Some reports say that the Time Trekker and the Future Party Portal is already being set up by Gary, it just needs some finishing touches....

We start with number one, as it is the main article this week, Gary the Gadget Guy is giving us an alert to prepare for the future, as it could need our help, and we could somehow save it.

 And now the second best article is cool! It shows an image where Jet Pack Guy has some kind of new technology that has come from the future, and will be ready for certain penguins (EPF agents) to use very soon for an important mission.

Finally, the third-best article for this week is: A comic once again! But, I assure you, it is hilarious.

 So, that is it for this week's best articles of the Club Penguin Times. Did you like it? Be sure to say something positive in the comments below.

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