Monday, May 25, 2015

Club Penguin Has A Chance To Regain It's Audience Soon

 Many of us know about how, ever since the final months of 2013, Club Penguin began to show a big drop of its audience, and popularity. Many of the penguins that showed me what was special about the game are gone because of the decline, and the interest that I saw many years ago, is all gone.

Even though it seems like the end, it simply cannot. At least, for the ones who still show hope. Many have said, these are the finals days of Club Penguin, where the pages of the book come to an end. It simply cannot be, and here is why.

March 2015 Survey:

A couple of months ago, Spike Hike and Polo Field were starting to gather information from the community of what should be changed or improved. They made a well produced survey to see what today's players would like to see on the island. I am sure with that, they still care if what the community thinks, and they would like to turn things around. 

Summer: When summer arrives, and school closes, it gives kids an opportunity to check out what is new on Club Penguin. If Club Penguin puts the effort of adding Fun to the topic of parties, then there is a greater chance of gaining more audience. Not every school across the U.S, Canada, and U.K is out of school as of now, so by June, they can begin adding what needs to added.

Unemployment: Yes, the recent event where Club Penguin decided to fire more than 100 employees, especially the whole HQ in Brighton, there has been many saying this is the signs of the end. Sure, it is the biggest lay-off in the history of Club Penguin, but it brings opportunity in terms of revenue and sales. Consider the payments of all of these employees. With that amount of salary, it could only last at least 8 months, perhaps. It gives them enough time to readjust, and begin to bring back their "originality". Of course, it takes a lot of thinking for them, but it is important that we pitch in to the work as well. 

I know many players that log in to Twitter, have many excellent ideas that could save the game, and avoid it from going downhill. We need something that captures kids attention. There are still many children creating hundreds of accounts each day, but it is Club Penguin's job to keep them playing for a good period of time, to give them interest. We would like to give them the same interest players had ever since the beginning. What has kept me playing is other players, mostly. The games and parties is what also captures the eye, but mostly the players. 

Time has not run out for Club Penguin yet! There is still much to be done, with so much more to come! Like I have said before, if we want something to change, we need to put forth the effort, or we could bring unsatisfaction to many players in the years to come.

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