Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prehistoric Party Final Preview

Today is the last day the Club penguin team will ever show a Prehistoric Party sneak peek. (There could be be another one next year) It has been quite busy with posting sneak peeks day after day. And i think, it would have been better if the team would show us fewer sneak peeks. I know they are really exited to start the party tommorow, but i hope they work on giving us fewer sneak peeks in the future.

So anyway, here is sneak peeks that have been given to us in the past 3 days, and is my final update for sneak peeks, that way we could get right on to the party cheats tommorow. The first one is the new chat bar decoration and emotes.

This is the first time ever in Club Penguin History that Club Penguin has decorated the chat bar. And the second is a new game that will be played, probably to help look for dinosaur eggs in the scavenger hunt. it is called "Dino Dig".

And, the team released a sneak peek of the map that will be used during the party, and it was a very old map of club penguin  what it looked like in those "cave penguin" times.

And this was just found as one of the log off screens that is being used. It is a furniture item for members, and will be available tommorow.

If you would like to see a picture of all three dinosaurs, the french club penguin blog has given this to us.

Finally,  just today, we have a picture of our friend Businesmoose showing us a small sneak peek in a post in his blog showing us that he is ready for the party tommorow! It shows him wearing the newest items for the Prehistoric Party, and a new emote.
 So what do you think about these recent new sneak peeks, and how they are the FINAL sneak peeks. are you ready for the Prehistoric party? Leave a comment below!

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