Friday, January 11, 2013

Throw Puke Snowballs Sneak Peek for Prehistoric Party

On the Official Club Penguin Blog, Polo Field has brought up a cool feature that is similar to what the frostbites could do last year in the December. Here is a small portion of his post ( The rest were already seen sneak peeks)

Do dinosaurs have special powers? 
Yeah, they throw PUKE snowballs! I learned that the hard way:

Hope you’re digging these party sneak peeks. What else are you interested in hearing about the party? We'll try to answer more questions later this week!

This feature shown above will be available for members who transform in to dinosaurs, but i am not sure if all three could throw puke snowballs, oh well, lets wait and see. What do you think? be sure to leave a comment below!