Saturday, January 12, 2013

Final Prehistoric Party Sneak Peek From Spike Hike

So as we reach the first day of the party, which is less than a week from now, Spike Hike has decided to give us one final sneak peek. It shows the party's catalog, which is pretty big, it shows 4 pages of it.

The items for everyone looks awesome, when i first saw that  Prehistoric Party Commercial, i knew the viking helmet would be in it, which i am totally getting it. What i also like about it is the fancy style they have like that blue tux, ( I did not know they knew about fancy fashion yet). These are very cool items, and rember, this is the final sneak peek, and which means we have to wait six days to see everything the party has. What do you like about the new catalog coming soon? Leave a comment below!

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