Friday, July 5, 2013

Monsters University Takeover Guide


Here is a little guide just in case you are stuck in the party. Have no fear, because the tips are here.

Here is what pops out when you log in. Pick which team you want to choose, then you will be on your way to victory!

If you check on the right side of your screen, you will see a scare meter. This is for helping you out collect items during the party, and each day, there will be new items.

When you click on "Play Scare Game", it will lead you to this game. You use the keyboard button up, down, right, left, and spacebar to play. It is really fun, and it is based out of the movie (Which i already watched) and it gives you three lives if you step on the obstacles. Once you get to the bed, there is a meter, and you either press on green or yellow to get a god score. Each level will get even more harder, so do your best, and you will earning scare points with ease!

The scare teams HQ is located between the Snow Forts and The Plaza. Each room is really cool, so you should check them out, and most importantly, throw a party!

Well that is it! Hope you enjoy the party! me and Waddles4g2 are ready to scare, study, and party!

UPDATED: July 7 

Scare Games Trophy

And the winner of the Scare Games is...... TeamOK! I knew we we're going to win! Go claim your prize to the Scare Games Room! It is also decorated with the Team OK theme!

So what do you think? Did this help you? Leave a comment below!

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