Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Penguin Of The Day: Chilly0ne

Today's Penguin Of The Day is soneine I have known for a while, and I have had fun with before. She is really awesome, I would like to finish this, but I think it is more better for Daffodaily5 to do it. Here is what she said.

Chilly0ne’s kindness and caring attitude towards others around the island is truly inspirational! She always makes an effort to be friendly to penguins that she meets, and the team and I think that’s pretty amazing! :D

Don’t forget to contact us and tell us why your buddy should be POTD!

-Club Penguin Team

She truly is a great penguin to hang around with! She will answer any questions you need to ask! here is a picture of us having fun at the Stadium last year!

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