Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reviewed By You: Stamps

Today, Polo Field has posted a Reviewed By You answering last Weeks question, here is the full post by Polo Field.

Last week we asked, what is your favorite subject in school and why?
I really enjoyed Pingafass123's answer:

My 1# favourite subject is of course ART! I love art because you can just keep drawing and sketching and there's no right or wrong! Your an artist in many ways and art is fun! Every thing is art and it's just so fun creating master pieces and beautiful drawings! My art teacher always says " never give up everythings art''! That is why art is my favourtive subject!.

There's so many ways to earn stamps around the island, with new ones always coming along. How many stamps have you earned so far, and which one was the hardest one to get?
We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team

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