Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Star Wars Takeover Guide


The day is finally here, grab your Lightsabers and Blasters, because we are headed to save the Galaxy. Once you log in, you will be able to see a video, and then, you run into Princess Cadence and she kindly introduces you to the ship and the Rebel Alliance. ( Remember we are still together)

Next, if you click on the bottom right icon, it will take you to the catalog for the party, and there are some pretty cool stuff for both non-members and members. The rest of the items come August 1st.

When you enter the map, members can become a Jedi, and Obi-Wan Sensei will show you how to use the Lightsaber. And in the background, it will give you options to which planet you want to go.

Let's first go into the games. Once you arrive to Tatooine, you will see a Stormtrooper behind some kind of box, and that is where you enter to shoot them and earn items. Some of them are for members-only. And, Club Penguin did an awesome job at this game! In the image below it shows you what to use when you play.

There are Stormtroopers everywhere, make sure to duck on both boxes, because they will recieve damage, and it might be game over for you. So keep a close eye, I sometimes get crazy shooting at least 40 snowballs at just one Stormtrooper.

This is just inside Luke's old home in Tatooine, but does not exactly look like it from the movie, but still great! I would make an HQ here for Rebel Alliance Members.

This is how the Map for Tattooine looks like. The other maps to other planets will look similar to this one. It will alaways give you the option to go back to CP. I really like how this is layed out.

And, there is new Emotes you can use during the party. They look so awesome! Make sure to use them. And, just to let you knoe, you see who took the picture? Well, let's just say, you might be seeing her here soon....

And speaking of the Empire, here is how Darth Herbert looks like right now. His background looks awesome, which I forgot to show you, but I will upload it when I can. And, here is a fun fact, i took this image in Spike Hike's igloo! He was on late Thursday night, and I got a chance to say Hi!
Anyways, it has been confirmed that Herbert will not appear until August 1st. It makes though, because that is when we will get to sneak in the Death Star, and more suprises will come ahead.

Part 2: Infiltrate The Death Star - August 1st

It is time to strike back. Report to Milennium Falcon, and from there head to the Death Star. They have added the small feature where penguins are more smaller, that way there won't be any lagging while playing in these rooms. So, when you get to the Death Star, you will see this message from Cadence.

Once you have read that message, go where the arrow is pointing like it shows in the picture below. It is not a trap yet!

Then, you will enter in this room, it seems very cozy, a place where Darth Herbert should deal with his Anger management. Go to the door where it says " Secret Plans".

But before I keep going, make sure to check the new items that have just been released for August 1st.

Once you enter, There is no way to get to the other door........ unless...........

You solve a puzzle to unlock each door or bridge. This Puzzle game is quite similar to the one that you had to play in Operation Blackout, and it gets quite harder as you keep playing....

After you complete the Puzzle, it will take you to the unlocked door and will lead you to this door. Familiar, eh?

And I almost forgot. Each time you complete a Puzzle, you will get items for members and non-members. There is a bug when collecting the pin. It will say "This item is not available" but if you click it again, you will be able to recieve the item. Problem solved!

So after you unlock the last door, you will enter the second to last room, and this room must be part of Darth's secret rooms....

The Puzzle game gets harder and harder, right? Finally, you reach the last room, and the last Puzzle to solve to reach the Secret Plans. This one may take a while, but I think you can do it, that is why I decided not to post how to unlock it here.

But, fortunately, I did for the last Puzzle! Once you complete it, you recieve a message from Cadence, and recieve your last item and 50 coins for your completion! Great job Rebel!

Remember to return August 8th for more plans on gettin to Yavin 4! So what do you think of this mission? Cool!

And, as a reminder, I will keep updating this post just incase there is something new. Go explore the Galaxy! And May The Force Be With You! Make sure to leave a comment below!

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