Sunday, November 24, 2013

An Inside Look on Operation Puffle

It has been many months since is have made an official post, and i and glad that i am back! if you did not know, the reason why I stopped was because my computer completely shut down on me, but know, I got an all new Windows 8, and I am better than ever! But, one of the other changes I am making is that I will no longer post cheats, or daily updates like the majority of other sites. Instead it will be considered a fun, exiting new site that will bring more info, important facts, some bugs to notify on, and most importantly, post weekly recommendations on what to do on the fun island with friends!!

So, just to start fresh, what are your thoughts on Operation Puffle? Do you think it is awesome enough to go on the important mission trying to rescue the missing puffles? I certainly think it is kind of cool, but i think the team could have done better on this. For example, on how they planned Operation Blackout. They did take more time on making it, but It would not take a lot of time of making out of the same concept and adding it to Operation Puffle. Last year's had tons f rooms, and better missions, It was fun sneaking into Herbert's lair, and destroying his stuff.

Of course this year's is awesome in having lots of rooms, but what i am actually talking about is making it a little harder on entering them, and not putting it on the map. There needed to be some kind of mission so there could be a sense of going to the next room that would lead to Herbert's Lair, because, the question is..... WHERE IS IT??

I just wish it would be a little more difficult and more time consuming, that way it would make it more fun. But, it would take tons of work. Who knows, maybe they will make an even difficult event in January? What are your comments about this topic? Would you like to know more? If you just hashtag #OperationPuffle and @ on twitter with a question, i will gladly answer it. Also, tell me what you think on here by commenting below.

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