Monday, December 2, 2013

Polo Field Brings Us More Info About #Spoiler Alert

Today it has been announced that the Spoiler Alert video will not be released today as planned. Instead, they have given us the theme song of the video, and Polo just tweeted a sneak peek that will be on the video.

Here is the theme song, and to me, it seems pretty catchy. Sounds like the video will have tons of cool features, and it seems like they have worked very hard on this video, so I can't wait to see it.

And, here is the little sneak peek he just posted tweeting SPARKLES!

And just a couple of minutes ago, for those who are waiting for a speacial sneak peek, he has tweeted a cool one! It is probably on of the main stuff that will be in that video.

So, I think this video is most likely a way to show special events, sneak peeks, a look at some official moderators, and a fun, cool way to provide entertainment to us, and it is so amazing to see what Polo Field, Ninja, and that rest of their team come up with.

So, that is why, I am leaving you guys with a question:

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