Friday, December 13, 2013

Do Ultimate Safe Chat Servers Need Updating?

This question has really crossed my mind lately, and it all started when Polo Field and Megg invited us to a specisl party for the recording of the new Spoiler Alert coming next week. You see, it was being held on server Boots, which is a safe chat server as you can see below.

And on these kind of servers, there is no chatbar, but only the ultimate safe chat bubble at the bottom at the screen, which appears to be at the most 75 different phrases you can say, and they are the only ones you can really say. For example, there are different types of phrases, but it is all organized depending of the subject or theme you are talking about. When I saw a pretty familiar penguin that day called "Rocketsnail" I tried to tell him to add me. The only way I could tell him if he could accept my friend request was "Wanna be friends?" which sounds a little more annoying if you are asking somebody that. 

Some updates that I would like for them to add is:
  • Make the chat much more suggestions just like they have on the chat bar. ( The words that it suggests you to choose from above the chat bar)
  • Add new words that most penguins say on the island like: LOL, or XD, or ROFL. 
They should also add numbers and punctuations.

What should you like them to add? Do you agree with this? Make sure to leave your answer in the comments below!

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