Monday, December 9, 2013

Spoiler Alert Episode 2

Today, Polo Field, along with Ninja and Megg, posted yet another Spoiler Alert, and this time, it is on schedule. This week's video is pretty amazing, like the new play that is coming up, Megg's rapping, and awesome Igloo Decorating contests! I don't think I should tell you more, so you should watch the video to see for yourself.

What do you think they should add? As i was saying, they should THROW PIES AT EACH OTHER, or consider on of the following:

  • Do a silly costume contest, but with more employees.
  • Make a freestyle dance contest.
  • Have a race from one room to another (NO cheating with the maps)
What suggestions do you have for their next episode? They need plenty of help, so make sure to leave a comment below so they could see it! 

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