Thursday, March 6, 2014

EPF Command Room FINALLY Finishes With Construction

Club Penguin finally finishes the EPF Command Room, and it looks remarkably well done. As you can see, last year, they officially removed the old PSA missions from the online in-game, and decided to put it on their main pages. And, since that took the main part of the upstairs room, they moved everything where the elevator was. 

They added a lot of cool stuff, like over to the right, they made a place where you can suit up with elite gear, or just dress up in normal agent clothes. And over to the left, they made a special place to trap criminals (like Herbert) in those cells, and have a computer where they can look up files or play games (WHAT?). But, I don't think it is big enough for a Polar Bear like him. Could this have something to do with an operation coming maybe this year?  What do you think? Make sure to comment below!

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