Saturday, March 15, 2014

Furniture & Igloo Catalog March 2014

Like they mentioned earlier in the Club Penguin Times, we get to make our igloos look like  real airplanes! While we are still waiting on the airport coming to the island during the Muppets takeover, we get to have some fun decorating igloos! Check out the front cover.

The Airplane Igloos look spectacular! For years, ever since Billybob's time, he himself has seen cool creations from random igloo items, in creating some cool airplanes. And thanks to the Club Penguin Team, they finally made it look even better. THe Airplane come with a free pilot seat in the front, and you can out whatever you want on the back. Just make sure you don' put anything heavy!

They have some comfy seats! Just what a passenger needs in order to relax during the whole flight. And, they have made some security terminal devices, just to be sure you have any accidents!

I also really, really like this these furniture items for a stage or theater. You should by one yourself if you want to decorate your igloo with the best luxurious items there are! Or, make a place to run plays.

I was just thinking, that if next year, if they get the chance, they could expand the igloo so that they could fit a COMPLETE airlplane! What do you think about that and the items that are on sale? Leave a comment below!

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