Saturday, March 15, 2014

Muppets World Tour Takeover Sneak Peeks Shown In The Past Week

The Muppets Takeover is one week away from today. And it looks very cool based on the sneak peeks Polo Field and Spike Hike has kindly given s. To me, it feels like they have not given us a lot of spoilers. Which is good, because you enjoy the parties more better by looking at what is new, and what features there are. One is that, Kermit the very famous Muppet of all, is going to be visiting the island! I wonder if he will be in penguin size.

Credits to Trainman1405 for the image!

If you have seen the latest Game On, it shows you some party catalogs and rooms.

And here are some countries that they will perform in. The rooms look really cool to me!

And recenly, Polo has leaked how the Airport is going to look like. If you don't want to see, "plug your eyes and cover your ears" - Polo Field

Again, thanks to Trainman1405 for the image that he posted on his site.

Before I forget, the new costumes for the takeover was shown in a post made by Polo Field about the next #WaddleOn show. So, make sure to check the new episode when it comes out this Wednesday.

What do you think about all the sneak peeks they have given us for the Muppets World Tour Takeover? Make sure to leave a comment below. Waddle On!

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