Sunday, December 9, 2012

Waddles4g1's Weekly Post View

I have decided to have a weekly opinion post. It makes it more interesting for me to share my thoughts with you guys to see what you think. So let's start with the New Party Rooms.

As you can see they have arrived right after our little battle with Herbert ended. And I know a lot of you might miss the old Town, Dock, Plaza, Beach, and Snow Forts, and a lot of you might not. It was definitely time because, if you have seen Club Penguins New Horizon Video released about more than a month ago, (and you could click on it at the top where the YouTube videos are) the three creators, Lane, Dave, and Lance, were getting to the point in the end of the video of releasing these rooms, because like Lane said: "it is time to start the next leg of the Journey". But these Rooms will always be part of the history, and will be remebered. Maybe, later on, you could show some new penguins to the coffee shop, some old year books of some little snapshots of how the old rooms looked like. It is time to move on, besides, its always good to try something new! So what do think about these new rooms? Do these posts help you? Leave a comment below!


  1. I love how you're guiding others to move on. You have a great spirit, Waddles4g1! :)

    ~Perapin :)

  2. Thank you perapin! Your comments are always welcome here! :)