Saturday, March 23, 2013

Puffle Party 2013 Cheats

The Puffle Party is finally here, and with new rooms added, like the Puffle Hotel!

But first, lets get on to the catalogs. they appear on almost every room. ( like the plaza, ski lodge, or hotel.)

There is also a hidden item in this page on the "I love my rainbow Puffle" shirt.

The other cheat is the Puffle tasks. You have to complete these only at the Puffle Hotel, and just a reminder: you will need to have your puffle with you to complete these tasks.

it may take about 3 days to complete all four, and you willl have to head to the Gym and Rooftop to do the tasks. And after you complete each task you will recieve awesome Puffle handler items to make yourself in to a puffle pro! Hope you complete these tasks to adopt your very own Rainbow Puffle. Have fun!

More cheats will be posted soon.

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