Saturday, April 20, 2013

Where Is The NEW Treasure Book? Answers By Waddles4g1

Many penguins have been asking, where is the Treasure Book? Well, as far as anybody knows, the Treasure Book has been confirmed (by Polo Field) that it will not be coming for a while. Pup1one told me that he was talking to polo and he said that a new one will come out when new Toys come out. This is disapointing, because it takes a lot of work to make new toys. It also takes a lot of ideas. The new series wwould probably be ready until NEXT year, but im not so sure. I wonder if Spike is still in charge of making the toys, but i think you might want o ask him.

And, I have something else. It appears that the day the Treasure Book was supposedly ready, i sent Club Penguin support an email. here is what they sent me.

 What do you think? it seems like support isnt that supportive at all. In one of the Behind The Scenes videos, they said to be really good at being part of the support is to TYPE really fast. But that is not the only thing that matters. It is responding to the question directly, ann knowing what is going on right now in the game. They really need to train their support team better. What do you think? By the way, keep sending ideas to the team about what kinds of penguins should they put for the new series coming. Leave a comment below if you would like.

UPDATE: Thanks to Pup1one, i got to have some images of Polo Field confirming that the Treasure Book will not appear for a while due to being short on merchandise, that I cant even find Club Penguin Toys myself.

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