Saturday, December 15, 2012

Club Penguin: Better Igloos Catalog December 2012

Hey, Club Penguin recently updated their Igloo Furniture Catalog, this catalog is very neat and includes many cool new items and of course, hidden items. Let's take a look at the cover of the new catalog.

 This cover is very nice and I really like the penguin's tri-colored scarf. The Christmas tree in the background has a nice look to it and the lights look very realistic.

This page has three of the items which I will buy once I redeem a new 6 month membership that I am expecting for December 25. The first item is the "Tinker Train Engine", I have always wanted to buy a train set, or even train to set in my igloo on Club Penguin. The second item is the rest of the train, this item is called the "Tinker Train Car", I can have my friend sit in this spot when I conduct the train from the Tinker Train Engine seat. The third and final item which I will buy is the "Holly Jolly Tree", this tree would be my second tree that I have bought in my inventory. The first tree was from last year's Holiday catalog, the tree looked like a candy, jelly tree.

Here is the hidden item which I told you about above. It is a total of 600 coins and this lamp post goes quite good in a little winter town which you may make in your igloo.

This page includes several ice items that may belong in the Ice Castle Igloo. My favorite item out of the four must be the Frost Throne since my penguin can sit in it and I can buy a few to have the three kings of Club Penguin.

 This hidden item can be viewed by clicking the "Wall Snowflake" item. It may be a good idea to place the presents under the "Holly Jolly Tree" which is a new item on the next page.

This page is very unique because I have never seen window sills and a chimney like that as an item in this catalog before. Be sure to click the left window on the "Cozy Green House" to access the hidden item below. There is also another hidden item which you can see by clicking the top of the chimney in the "Holiday Fireplace."

This is the hidden item when you click on the window on the "Cozy Green House."

This is the second hidden item that you can see from clicking the top of the snowy chimney on the "Holiday Fireplace" item.

What do you think of these new items? I think that they're very cool even though I can't buy them at the moment. What was your favorite item out of all seventeen of the items? My favorite is the "Door Garland" since I have seen this on some Featured Igloos. I hope that this post was suitable for your discretion. If you don't know what that meant, in simple words it means "to enjoy" or "to find entertaining."


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