Friday, December 14, 2012

New Club Penguin Magazine Issue December 2012

For all of you UK players, the Club Penguin Magazine is now out, and its time for all of you to get it! Heres the cover:

Unfortunately, it comes with no coin codes at all. But, what it does come with is an EXLUSIVE sneak peek of a party in January 2013 that we have all been waiting for... The Preshistoric Party! At last!

It says that the party will arrive starting on January 17th of next year. To me, it seems like a long way to go, I mean, we still havent started this months party, which includes an awesome color thatbive been waiting for almost half a year now, (Artic White) and we are still getting Sneak Peeks from the Team.

Anyways, it also has another sneak peek of next months issue, which is going to come with a suit for next months party, and, as always, an item from the Treasure Book. So what do you think? Leave a comment below!

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