Monday, January 20, 2014

#SpoilerAlert Episode- Prehistoric Party Sneak Peek!

In this wee's Spoiler Alert, we have Deamama, Polo Field, Mr N00dle, and of course, Megg, who still says she is not done taking over the blog. Here is the video that they just released minutes ago. They will be presenting the new pin, the party rooms, and the new Dino-Puffle!

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Here is some of the Sneak Peeks that has been shown in the video above. This looks so epic!

Here is some updates that will be permanent, and coming soon.

New Ski Hill:

New Forest: (SO COOL!)

Prehistoric Party Room. (Possibly the Dock)

And, the new Backyard that we were recently talking about not so long ago will be released this week.

Here is how it looks like below. I wonder if you can add new furniture items for puffles.

BEST of all, there will be a NEW loading screen from now on, similar like the update from 2012. So say goodbye to the old loading screens.

 Finally, my good friend Green N Cool asked if there will be any updates for the EPF HQ, and there will be one This week! Neat, huh?

Hope all of you are exited for this week's Prehistoric Party! Make sure to leave a comment below of the new updates coming soon, or feel free to leave a question!

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